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A one night only concert celebrating the biggest musical theatre songs

Photographer: Danny Kaan

Date: December 6th 2020

Location: Apollo Theatre London

Performers: Alice FearnTrevor Dion Nicholas, Kelly Agbowu, Laura Baldwin, Pearce Barron, Luke Bayer, Courtney Bowman, Lauren Byrne, Mary Jean Caldwell, Lloyd Daniels, Nicole Raquel Dennis, Tom Duern, Chris Howell, Idriss Kargbo, Caroline Kay, Josie Kemp, Renee Lamb, Michael Mather, Rhianne-Louise McCaulsky, Grace Mouat, Billy Nevers, Eve Norris, Oliver Ormson, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Alan Richadson, Lauren Soley, Markus Sodergren, Danielle Steers, Rodney Vubya and Karen Wilkinson

Producers: Centre Stage Productions

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