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Back in 2015 I randomly bought a camera and took some pictures at public events in the Netherlands and London. Because my friends from school, my colleagues and others weren't that interested in my photographs of various artists, I decided to create a new Instagram account called '@Danny_With_A_Camera'. 

In the beginning I flew from the Netherlands to London twice (sometimes more times) a month and always said that I never wanted to do photography as my full time job.  I was afraid of losing my passion, but nowadays, after moving to London, it's more than a full time job and I couldn't be happier.

My favourite part of photography is capturing the atmosphere both on and off stage at an event or finding that perfect light in the middle of a concert.


Before the pandemic the only type of photography that took my interest was live entertainment photography. But in 2020 when all events were cancelled I focussed on other types of photography as portrait and portfolio photographs. I love working together with the model to try and find the best pose, framing and lighting to take the best shot. 

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