One of my favourite things of my job is following people around to see what they do and hear all their stories. I’ve been very lucky to have been into a lot of dressing rooms, but I’m taking it to the next step.

ACCESS ALL AREAS by Danny With A (Backstage) Camera is an online Instagram series where I follow people working in the theatre industry. From performers to stage managers to lighting designers, I want to showcase the incredible work done by literally everyone who makes a show possible!

So excited to start sharing some of the pics and to hear more and more stories.


I’m SO excited that Nicole is the first person who I followed around for this project because she is A STAR! She’s currently playing Effie in Dreamgirls (UK tour) and I don’t think there are enough words in this world to describe how good she is.

Last week they were in Wimbledon so I took the chance to follow Nicole around for a matinee performance from make up prep up till the the bows and I have so so so much respect for everything she has to do during the show. 

Some things I took away from the shoot are that she has 8 wig changes and 16 costume changes during the show and the quickest one was only 5 seconds, CRAZY!! During the first half I mainly stayed in her dressing room cause it was too busy in the wings and every time when she came in there was another costume change and not even time for a little break. Just after ‘And I’m Telling You’ (before the interval) she came back to her dressing room and I thought she would have a break then (as that’s a BEAST of a performance), but no, she had another wig and costume change straight after the song and then she had her break.

It’s so special to see Nicole being a well deserved leading lady and mostly enjoy every second of it. The joy she has doing the part and with the other 2 girls is so special to see!

1. Shot from the wings during ‘And I’m Telling You’
2. Wig and costume change in the wings just before the finale
3. Finishing touches in the dressing room with the other girls
4. Shot from the wings during ‘I’m Changing’ 
5. Shot from the wings during ‘It’s All Over’
6. In the wings supporting the other girls during the finale
7. Shot from the wings during ‘I’m Changing’